2 Dirty Secrets Your Vitamin Company Won’t Tell You

It turns out there’s a lot that most people just don’t know about vitamins and other nutritionals –

Not through any fault of their own, but simply because this information isn’t readily available to most folks.

And in the case of vitamins, what you don’t know can actually hurt you.

That’s why today I’d like to share with you a couple of truths that your vitamin company would probably never want you to know…

So that you can walk away with all the knowledge you need in order to make the best, most informed decisions about your health.


Let’s go.

1. Their ingredients aren’t as pure as you’d think

Did you know that most nutritionals (even from many of the most well-respected brands!) are made from synthetic ingredients that the body struggles to recognize and absorb – and many more are sourced from supposedly “natural” sources that in reality are far from pure?

For example, there is lots of research about the powerful benefits of Vitamin C that has surfaced throughout the mid-19th century.

But what you probably didn’t know is that 90{e084b7fa82c77a4f96d5bd59babe3640e8c2d58c0173bb2da9991a5349ba813e} of the current Vitamin C sold in Australia is manufactured from genetically modified corn in China. Not exactly something that sounds like a good idea to provide a health benefit to your body.

Besides the obvious, the trouble with these types of crummy ingredients is that…

2. Your body can’t absorb most of what it’s taking in

When you take a moment to stop and think about it, it makes complete sense: Vitamins in nature don’t stand alone. (Have you ever seen a Vitamin D plant growing in a field?)

Instead, they’re naturally found in whole foods, rich with an entire combination of trace minerals, phytonutrients, and other vitamins – not in isolated, synthetic forms.

Take an orange, for example.

An orange contains plenty of vitamin C, but it’s also rich in bioflavonoids, which help the body absorb that vitamin C.

Our bodies assimilate whole-food sources of nutrition better than synthetic sources because whole foods contain key vitamins along with their cofactors – other nutrients naturally found in food that work with each vitamin to increase its absorption.

In combination with one another, our body recognizes these compounds as nutrition. In isolation, our body might have trouble recognizing them at all.

So when we swallow isolated synthetic vitamins, they’re likely to pass right through our systems with little absorption…

Whereas when we consume whole-food sources of vitamins and minerals, nature’s perfect combination of ingredients work in tandem to absorb and deliver sorely needed nutrients to the powerhouse that is our body. (Hooray!)

This is why the experts that really know their stuff will almost always recommend a whole-food nutritionals sourced from organic, non-GMO, whole food sources.

My Secret Source for Whole Food Nutritionals

I use a product that meets all the above standards and more.

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Plus, to further aid in the absorption of nutrients, it contains a unique blend of enzymes and their cofactor minerals. This patented complex, has been shown to help the body get the most out of every nutrient.

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