How to manifest your dreams even when your husband says "aint no way thts ever going to happen"

I love CLARITY. I fully believe it is only through clarity that we can create a life that we love. 

If you don’t know what you want out of life, what you want your ideal day to look like, where you want to live, how you want to connect with those around you…how can you possibly take steps toward achieving it?

These days most people have heard about vision boards, or perhaps watched “The Secret” movie, but the fact is most people sit around complaining about what they don’t have rather than getting off their backside to create what they want. 

Justin says I’m a master at manifesting what I want, I think it’s because I have clarity, I can see and more importantly FEEL inside myself what it will be like when something in envision is real in my life.

Sometimes It takes years for things I have envisioned in my heart and mind to show up, then something happens and I’m like “wow, I said 10 years ago I was going to do that!”. Not only do I say it clearly, I also often write down statements about what I will create in my life…years later I will come across the journal or pieces of paper when going through my office and it has ACTUALLY HAPPENED!

One great example is about 10 years ago I said to Justin “we are going to Hawaii and we are going to stay at the Four Seasons”. He said “there ain’t no way that is every going to happen, it’s $1000USD per night”. I didn’t say too much, but I know we would go one day for sure. I could see the resort, feel the breeze on my face and most importantly feel what it was like to be there. 

Fast forward to 10 years later and we had had a complete change in business (which bought other dreams of how I wanted my daily life to be to reality) to being leaders in the networking marketing industry. Two years into our career in an industry that was new to us, we qualified for a trip only available to the highest leadership ranks in our company. 

It was an all expenses paid trip to…

the newly renovated Four Seasons L’anai in the Hawaiian Islands. 

So, not only did I manifest the trip, I got it totally for FREE. 

Now I am blessed and grateful everyday to help others bring their dreams into reality. 

Nicole xo

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