Redox Breakthrough

ASEA’s products are unlike anything else you've ever used. 

They utilise a patented, scientific process that deliver results at the cellular level. 

The body is an amazing thing.  It’s made up of trillions of cells, each of them performing millions of processes (sometimes millions per second) to keep us alive and fully functioning.

When everything is working well and everything is in balance, we’re healthy.  However, when that delicate balance is tipped we start to have problems that lead to illness, disease and even death.

Hitting the Reset Button

We have all experienced a computer, tablet, or phone that was running slowly or had programs malfunctioning. Eventually, our frustration leads us to restart the device. This initiates an internal reset that allows the device to function better.

Our bodies have a similar reset function. We know that sleep, for instance, provides a similar reset to restarting a computer device. Are there other biological reset buttons we can push that provide similar renewing effects for our bodies?

Yes—and it starts at the cellular level.

Why ASEA Cellular Health?


In the same way that cells are the building blocks of the body, Redox signaling molecules are the building blocks of our cells. They are the smallest common denominator for our health – even affecting the expression of our DNA. 

The term Redox refers to Reduction and Oxidation – two opposite chemical reactions that occur when electrons are passed from one atom to another.  There are literally millions of these chemical reactions happening every second in our bodies – they’re what keep us alive.

Redox signaling molecules are responsible for regulating all these chemical reactions.

Our health depends on every system of the body maintaining Redox balance. Factors such as aging, poor diet, mental stress, inadequate hydration and a sedentary lifestyle can all throw the natural system out of balance.

The short-term result of insufficient Redox signaling molecules can be cellular death from causes such as infection. The long-term impacts may include accelerated aging and susceptibility to disease.

As we age, the number of mitochondria in our body begin to decline, which has the effect of also reduces the number of Redox signaling molecules that are produced. In fact, we lose roughly 10 per cent of our Redox molecule capacity every decade after the age of 20, which is a significant problem for our bodies. 

Fewer Redox signaling molecules means reduced efficiency as there simply aren’t enough molecules to keep doing all the work. 

It’s a bit like a company that ‘restructures’ and lays off a large number of its staff.  There is still the same amount of work to do, but fewer people to do it.  This means the remaining staff end up with a heavier workload, putting them under enormous stress. Soon some jobs simply aren’t getting done and the company has a decision to make – cut back on what it does, or bring in extra help to pick up the slack.

In the case of the body, the jobs that simply aren’t getting done translate to a breakdown in function and overall health. The result is accelerated aging, illness and disease.  Until recently, the body didn’t have the option to bring in extra help. However, Redox signaling molecules can now be taken as a supplement, both orally and topically, giving the body an added boost and helping it pick up some of the tasks it had been unable to get to. This in turn can greatly assist in slowing aging and restoring health where it may have been failing.